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Making a good first impression is vital in building relationship
with others around you. Research had shown that 55% of
first impression is based on your appearance.

This includes what you wear, your body language and your
demeanor. It takes seconds to form the first impression.
Once a first impression is formed, it is nearly impossible
to reverse or undo it. From your appearance, people
deduce your level of competence, reliability and
even intelligence.

For this reason, we have to ensure that the first impression
others have of us work in our favour,thereby propelling
us to our success.

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Personalised  Consultation
Transform your image with Style Infinity as we give you the empowerment to bring
out the best in you.

Corporate Training
Build a professional & a high quality corporate image that is consistent with your corporate culture & vision

Style Infinity’s Style Shop
Bringing fabulous beauty and fashion product line to your doorstep with free delivery

Style Infinity is a Singapore Image Consultancy company providing corporate and personal image consultancy and image make over for corporate clients. Our Services includes personal and corporate grooming workshops, personal and corporate image makeover and corporate etiquette skills.

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