We curate personal branding that speaks of your talents, vision and purpose.

At Style Infinity Image Consultancy, we believe that having a positive image can propel your success. Positive image and the ability to create a good first impression is vital in building relationship with others around you. Research had shown that 55% of first impression is based on your appearance. This includes what you wear, your body language and your demeanour. It takes seconds to form a first impression. Once a first impression is formed, it is nearly impossible to reverse or undo it.

From your appearance, people deduce your level of competence, reliability and even intelligence. For this reason, we have to ensure that the first impression others have of us work in our favour, thereby propelling us to our success. At Style Infinity, we engage highly professional and holistic approach in helping you create a successful and authentic personal brand. We are committed in inspiring and empowering you with strategies that will bring out the best in you.



Our consultation aims to explore and present the opportunities to uncover the quintessential you. We will begin by assessing your current personal image, set up an agreement on the desired outcome you wish to achieve based on your aspiration and goals, and provide practical advice & invent milestones to help you achieve them. Our services aim to help you create positive personal branding & image that will bring you to your success.


Your employees’ ability to create a positive, professional and credible impression quickly, speaks volumes about what it’s like to do business with you and your organisation. Style Infinity’s corporate training & workshop aim to enable staff at all levels to make the most of their professional image. We can help you build a professional and high quality corporate image that is consistent with your corporate culture & vision.


We at Style Infinity believe that good manners will open doors that the best education cannot. Respect and kindness create good manners which transcend etiquette. There is the appropriate action in every human interaction. Style Infinity’s workshop for the young attempt to explore the art of social grace that will help children & teens enhance their relationships with others around them, leaving behind a lasting good impression.


If everyone were cast in the same mould, there would be no such thing as beauty

– Charles Darwin

We can only look good when we feel good about ourselves. Style Infinity recognises the importance of self-esteem and how it interacts with mental ability to influence our thought patterns. This transaction process in turn influences how we view the world and what we think of ourselves. Style Infinity is proud to be the pioneer image consultancy in Asia to integrate life coaching techniques with image consultation. To achieve this, we embrace a holistic methodology and the inside-out approach which works on the premise of it being a pre-requisite for one to feel good in order to look good.

It is therefore our mission to empower you to effectively create that premium and authentic brand called… “You”!